The couple after the children.

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On this occasion I want to write about a topic with which we currently have to deal with my husband @fher and me. And is that when children come to our lives we tend to give 1000% of our attention to them, but, is this really the duty to be?.


Well, this is a topic that always generates controversy in conversations with my friends and is that each has its way of seeing things. I will talk about my point of view, and excuse me if I am wrong. It is true that children are the most important thing of a mother, because that love is incomparable, but is it good to neglect the couple to take care of the children ?, I particularly think, that with the rhythm of life that we have to take most of the young couples, between home, work and children, there must be a space for sharing as a couple, but even today the country situation does not help us. If there is something that I am afraid of, it is to fall into monotony, no matter how tired my husband and I are, but we always try to have weekends to pamper us as a couple, maybe we can not go to the movies anymore or to dine, as we used to do, but that's where creativity comes into play to solve with what you can. A rich dinner at home without the girls, accompanied by a few drinks and good music, that is certainly a time to relax with the beloved and forget for a moment, the world of parents, full of responsibilities, obviously to have this space , we have the help of the grandmothers, who in turn take advantage of that moment to extra consent to their granddaughters.

Today I really see with great sadness that there are so many separated young couples, for not being able to balance their relationship with the fact of being parents, I know a couple who do not even have intimacy due to the fact that my friend used her daughter to sleep with them, I really do not share this, I think there are moments and spaces for everything. Eye, does not mean that my marriage is perfect, like everything, we have our ups and downs, but communication, respect and understanding helps us maintain a healthy relationship full of love.

There is always space for the rapport of the couple, no matter how many children you have, or the thousands of occupations you have in your day to day, When love is true, it is possible to set aside a space in your busy schedule. Have a great day, and I hope you let me know your point of view regarding this issue.

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