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Respect for my fellow men

Society life makes us reflect on the value of respect, this brings with it the need to establish some kind of certainties around ideas and tolerance. That is to say: What is there to know about Respect, Plurality and Tolerance?


Respect, Pluralism and Tolerance: When we speak of respect we speak of others. In this way, respect implies marking the limits of the possibilities of doing or not doing each and where the possibilities of action begin for others. It is the basis of coexistence in society.

The laws and regulations establish the basic rules of what we must respect. However, respect is not only towards the laws or behavior of people. On the contrary, it relates to authority, as happens with children and their parents or students with their teachers. Respect is also a form of recognition, appreciation and appreciation of the qualities of others, whether by their knowledge, experience or value as people.

In turn, respect has to do with religious beliefs: either because in our home we had a certain formation, or because throughout life, we have built a conviction. In this sense, we all have a position regarding religion and spirituality. As religious conviction is intimate, it is one of the most common sources of problems in the history of mankind.

This is the concept of Plurality, that is, the coexistence of different ideas and positions on a topic, or life itself. Plurality enriches to the extent that there are elements to form a culture. Cultural plurality allows us to adopt customs and traditions of other peoples, and make them ours. However, when plurality is integrated into the terrain of political, social and religious convictions things become difficult.


The difficulties with respect to these issues leads to the notion of Intolerance, that is, "not tolerating". Easily, before someone who does not think, does not act, does not live or does not believe as we do, we can adopt an aggressive attitude. This attitude, when taken against our ideas, is perceived as an outrage to one of our fundamental values: freedom. Intolerance develops a degree of oppression that makes human coexistence impossible. And our own tolerance? Should we convince someone who is not Catholic that he is not in the truth? Is not that being "intolerant"?

To answer these questions, and touch on the issue of respect, plurality and tolerance in more depth, we have made a selection of the best material on the subject from the pedagogical, ethical and religious points of view. The articles that we present in this segment of values ​​makes us reflect on what respect is, how it is taught and why it is important to teach it to children, why the intolerance and of particular interest is the "Church and Values" section, that speaks to us of our own tolerance regarding other religions and beliefs and of the importance of plurality and respect.

Respecting your body means having the highest esteem and honors. Respect is to treat it with the same care that you would handle another valuable and irreplaceable object. Learning to respect your body is, therefore, something vital.

When you feel this appreciation, you will become your partner. You will settle firmly in him and you will be able to benefit from everything he can offer you. Consideration entails a reciprocal energy. Your body will honor you when you respect it. Treat it as a structure worthy of respect and he will pay you in the same currency. If you abuse him or do not pay attention to him, he will deteriorate until you learn the lesson of respect.


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