Our way.

in english •  last year  (edited)

As time goes by we discover that the way of life is full of mystery and surprises,
no matter how much you plan or program it,
because God is taking charge of taking you to your mission.


As we cut the path, we fall in love with the landscape that is ready for us.
And is that after knowing the blessings of God who can resist to want to live?

And when we have to go over the road with such special beings,
no matter how many times we fall,
what is more important is to get lost
and continue enjoying the journey,
learning from each fall and taking out the positive.

(Photo taken with my camera SAMSUNG ES80)

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  ·  last year (edited)

wonderful poem! 👌😄 indeed we should be ready to fall and fail and yet have fun and go farther still

Totally agree my dear friend. I have always thought that each fall motivates us to keep fighting and keep enjoying, because it is just after each fall, that we achieve great results.

Hola!! muy bonita la foto donde fue tomada?

Hola amiga, esta es una vista majestuosa que nos regala la bahía de Tuja, en Choroni-Venezuela. Alguna vez la has visitado? es sin duda alguna mi lugar favorito para escapar de caos.

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