in #english6 years ago

She have failed more times than he can count...

She has failed countless times against despair, have lost every battle I face, victory has not reached, sinks once more.

She can not escape, It consumes her soul a little more, you can not feel it again, you burn in the depths of your being, her do not believe in the knights, her do not believe in maidens, her think have not salvation

She has never really been strong, she is only a crystal appearance, without sin, a crack could be fatal, poor glass, let yourself be strengthened, I want to help.

Lean on me, I will not be your salvation, I do not believe in redemption, I am also condemned, so until my moment arrived and I left the mortal world, I will be your protection, I will be your mural.

But if you see it ... you will see how good it is to rise in the face of adversity.


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