How can I pass my final exam?

in english •  10 months ago

After using English for a long time, I decide to reseach English. Syntax is the most difficult subject in English. I have to learn how to analyze one sentence. There are same sentences but different meaning. We learn how to recognize them. I got bad mark in mid-term test. How can I pass my final exam?


If you are native speaker in English, please give me some advice? Thanks for your sharing ^^

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Hi @songha hopefully this will help a little


Thanks a lot. I will try ^^

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Just study English 2 hours per day for 1 month, I promise that you will see big difference after that. Just believe in me, I did that and now I really confident about my English skill. Learn by your heart !!


Thanks. Everyday I go to my university to learn English after hard working day. I think that enough for me to study English but I had better spend more time to practice English if I want to pass my final Exam. Syntax is a difficult subject ^^