Incredible but true my beautiful sister

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My sister Adriana was born 8 months ago, now she is 34 years old. It was a girl who had malnutrition problems, the pediatrician only sent vitamins and for every kilo that my sister raised my parents celebrated. When she turns 7 years of age the change in her body is noticed.

And the damage was already done because I was overweight. There she was getting fat there was no one to stop her. Six years ago she got married and her bb ps came to weigh 134 kilos😱 everyone told her that she was fat that she was going to die in the cease-fire and a thousand negative things. He had his baby and everything went very well Thank God.
When her daughter began to grow she began to seek help to lose weight, with products, diets, nutritionist, specialists and nothing.

One day she woke up desperate and went to the best clinic in Maracay Edo-Aragua with one of the best gastric bypass specialists when they saw her that she was patient number one that had to be operated to be able to help her, I come home scared discouraged because my family did not want to help her out of fear because the operation was very delicate and she did not have the resources either, 3 months passed after that and she little by little went through all her exams with the support of her husband.
The day of the Operation arrived and all of us were nervous and left her alone. Thank God everything went super well🙏

I am super proud of your sister I always knew that you could do that and much more, today I am very pleased to see and live the change of your life, if you live because every day we train and eat together and enjoy it by your side😬your enthusiasm keep going, to take care of eating healthy exercise you are an example to follow👏 You look beautiful I LOVE YOU Sister ♥ ️

Is my sister beautiful or not?

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