Finding the Most Suitable College.

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When the time comes to decide which school the children will go to, parents face a great challenge, with so many options which is better: a religious school, one that is close to home, one military, public or private schools, with emphasis technical or commercial, what kind of pedagogy and of course at what cost.


It is not an easy task, that's why we share these aspects that you should keep in mind and they will surely help you improve your list of selected ones:

  • Certification: make sure that the schools you have on the list have the certification of the Ministry of Education.

  • Religion: very important to decide if I want my son to study in a Christian, Catholic, Jewish school, etc.

  • Pedagogical method: evaluate if the learning method they use is according to what you want to promote in your child. There are different methods to the traditional, where children are not evaluated with grades or where their training is in accordance with their abilities.

  • Languages: investigate how important languages ​​are in the education program. Knowing a second language is no longer a matter of exclusivity, there are bilingual public schools. The learning of a second language is fundamental in the preparation of the child, not only for his school life but also for his work and personal life.

  • Students per class: it is important to know the average that children handle per class, the average is 20-30 students, of course between less better, so the child care will be more personalized.

  • Schedule: keep in mind the school schedule so that it is compatible with the parents' schedule and in this way there are no problems at the time of entry and exit or that the child spends a lot of time alone at home.

  • Facilities: knowing where our children will spend a large part of their day will help us make a decision, technology should be an important part, but regardless of whether it is a luxurious place, ideally it is comfortable for the child, The same should have enough space and adequate for recreation time. The experts recommend knowing the day to day of the school and thus determine if it is the environment and the routine that I want for my son.

  • Feeding: Another point that can help to decide is the food that is offered to the child at school. If it is included, you must know what kind of food they offer, a healthy and balanced diet helps children to improve their performance and to have an optimal state of health. There is no point in having a healthy diet at home if the child at school does not eat properly.

  • Opinions: talk to parents of children who already study at school, listen to their experiences, it is important to know if it is what I really want as a parent for my son's education.

  • School for children: probably one of the most frequent mistakes of parents, choosing things based on what parents wanted to have or believe is best for them. Think of the school that best suits the children's way of being and of course for the final decision always take into account the opinion of children.

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