The revelation of the small selections

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Hello esteemianos friends, here we continue with the fever of the world and this time I will talk about the revelation of the small selections and although they have not won has surprised the game for example Iran who was about to tie the powerful Spain, also Morocco making a great match to the Portuguese.

I am sure that in most of these pools at least the results were 3-0 in favor of both Spanish and Portuguese and not 1-0 as both commitments ended, these games do not surprise only the result if not the way how these small selections they faced two great Europeans.


Before them was the 1-1 of Brazil - Switzerland also the 1-1 of the small Iceland against the Argentine team, the defeat of Tunisia 2-1 against England all these parties were expected to be an open result for the world champions Brazil , Argentina, England and as they all see or ended in a draw or with a minimum result..


It seems to me that this is good for football and the World Cup, those games that seemed boring and would go one way have turned out to be more entertaining than everyone thought, without forgetting the big surprise so far at the start of the tournament, which is the Mexico - Germany result of which I already spoke in a previous publication.


Perhaps most of these teams do not pass the first round, as in fact Morocco can not do it because it is already eliminated, only Mexico maybe Iceland could pass, although incredibly and despite the World Cup that is doing C.Ronaldo Portugal could be outside if it loses with an Iran that already surprised Spain at least as far as its game is concerned, Portugal must take its forecasts if it does not want a catastrophe to happen since they saw that the Iranians have good technique, definitely these small teams this world cup has been seasoned.


For things like this is that we must realize that no matter how difficult a goal may seem, in this world everything is possible.



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