The music relaxes.

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Sometimes we have strong days, heavy days where everything seems to be coming on those days of days, days where you say you need a break a moment of relaxation a moment you need for you to disconnect your mind from the real world, to forget about work of occupations of duties. In my case the first thing that comes to mind is to listen to some music, as I said before I like any type of music but for these moments I prefer soft music, ballads, either from the 60s, 70s, 80s , 90 or updated as long as it's my taste I do not care what generation or what year, the important thing is that you disconnect from the real world.


Jonh Lennon

Impossible that this song with its lyrics catches you, Imagine a new world, a better world of unforgettable and ex-Beatlles legend Jonh Lennon.


Phil Collins
You'll Be In My Heart

Another beautiful song this time by Phil Collins, in my heart you will survive the famous song from the movie Tarzan, maybe they will tell me to say old-fashioned but this kind of music reaches your soul, it calms you and relaxes you.


Alexandre Pires

I could not finish this publication, without showing a song in Spanish and although the singer is a very famous Brazilian Alexandre Pires being Portuguese if his mother tongue is simple he had a great acceptance in this beautiful language like Spanish.

The music is so perfect that you will always find some for the emotional state in which you find yourself at the moment.


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Hermosas canciones, cada una en su estilo, nos inspira y nos hace soñar.
Gracias por compartir.

Gracias por compartir esta música. Me gustaron los tres videos. Sobre todo Imagine, de John Lennon. Lo asesinaron por componer canciones y letras como las de esta canción.

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