The music of my country part ll

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Each country, each region has a music that identifies them, it seems to me that most Venezuelans, despite the fact that we like a lot of music, salsa, merengue, vallenato, ranchera and even reguetton, we identify a lot with our music, maybe not 100% as the vegueros can do but if we identify ourselves especially in the mornings with a cup of coffee many of us listen to our Venezuelan music.

This time I come back with some videos of the most famous Llanero singers of our pais.

Luis Silva


Luis Silva with his bird a beautiful song, where he talks about our birds of our floklore of what we are and our customs, without a doubt one of his best songs and there are many that have this great Venezuelan artist, Luis Silva great Luis Silva.

Te cambiara la vida
Ignacio Rondon


I continue a bit with the romantic of our music this time with Ignacio Rondon, a song that brings back beautiful memories for its message because of the beauty of its lyrics for showing the beauty of my city Barquisimeto, really ours is beautiful, ours is beautiful every day I fall in love more and more of my country, although today there are many people hurting.

Es diferente
Jose Gregorio Oquendo


This time it is Jose Gregorio Oquendo songs that we will never forget and that reflect the romantic side of our plains, our music, our floklore.

Solo en la Manga
Jose Gregorio Oquendo


A little more of Jose Gregorio Oquendo with a song of his inspiration and of a fact that happened in real life and in the sleeves of Venezuela, where what is lived is adrenaline and where beautiful women have these beautiful llaneras with their shirts tied to his waist and it is not that he looks on television is that in real life it is like that and the one that tells me the opposite is because he has never gone to a coleo manga.

Venezuela its music and its floklore are unique and unmatched as I said before every day I love more and more and more to my beautiful country.



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Yo soy de Venezuela y barinas así que estas canciones las he escuchado desde hace años aunque no son de mi agrado todas, ahora si es muy importante no olvidar las raíces de donde venimos amigo.

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