Mexico surprised

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Hello friends, continuing with the fever of the world today I want to talk about how the Mexicans surprised the world champion Germany, in this games many pools fell I dare say that even the same Mexicans who did not believe in their selection including journalist D .Faitelson, journalist in the following interview told the forward J. Hernandez (chicharito) that even Germany was assured the group he shares with the Mexicans I wonder what he will say now.


I think the Mexican journalists are the most amarillistas of all Latin America, for them no DT serves, for them any nonsense is a reason to exploit criticism of their selection and players, the pressure they instill is immense, I do not think there is another press more sickly than the Mexican one as far as football is concerned, because of them half of the American continent hates their national team, because they change again and again their technical directors, because of them the pressure on the players of the Mexican national team is immense, but this time the little hands left aside the yellowness that surrounds Mexican football and won their first game of the world cup to almighty Germany a goal for zero.


As J. Hernandez says, dreaming does not cost anything. It is true that Mexico has not won anything, but at the moment he started on the right foot, winning the current world champion and with his hopes for the clouds..

This teaches us that no matter how giant the rival seems always to a way and a hope.



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tremendo partido, ambos equipos se lucieron...

Me gustó mucho este partido, México dio la gran sorpresa. Me alegré mucho por mi compatriota el Profe Osorio.

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