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Hello friends of steemit, today I want to talk about those people who live their lives to the rhythm of music, people who find a song at every moment of their lives, those people who can not live without hearing aids, those people who listen to good music in home, at work, in the car, at every moment of his life. I wonder who is a music fan?

Many times I have asked him who is a music fan, will I be a music fan ?, this question I ask because I am not one of the people who has a poster of a certain singer in each corner of the house, but if I am one of those who listen to every moment a good song, depending how the day or how my day has passed I choose the music I want to listen to, if I want to relax I listen to some ballads, if I want to dance some merengue or salsa (music, Latin) I have a heavy day where it seems I do not care anything I listen to rock not so heavy but I listen to it, as there are also days when I hear some song that comes to my mind, I love music, I live music, I enjoy music.

Then again I wonder if I'm a music fan ?, from my point of view I think that if there is not a moment of the day when I can not think about music, but I remember that there was a co-worker who told me that I was sure that my house was lined with posters of singers, as my answer was that I have never bought a poster your answer was to you are not fanatical, those words were hanging around in my head and that's why I asked myself this question, to be a music fan you have to have some poster of a singer ?, well if it's like this I never did because the posters do not sing or there is no way you can hear some music from there that is what I like to my.

Perhaps that love for music is due to my father, another lover of music fanatic music, of course in his case he likes only the junk music of the 60s and 70s, for me my father is a fan and an artist with his great voice, always to happy family reunions.

Guitarra Papa.jpg

With his great voice he sang or sang both Spanish and English music perfectly. I can not say that I was his first fan and fan, because according to what I have been told before he was born, my father sang in many meetings and even his friends they were looking for him to dedicate songs to his girlfriends, but if I can say that he was the first artist I praise and for whom I love music, he is the cause of music being in my life at every moment.


I remember that many of you loved to sing this song by the Bee Gees Stayin 'Alive a classic, I still do not know how it got to that tone of music, that's why I say that my father was a great artist and is a great artist who his family environment I enjoy to the fullest, I repeat was the first artist to listen to the artist of my house by the me to become a great music fan.


Another song that they asked a lot in those meetings was My cacharrito by Roberto Carlos, I think it was mostly because of how he played the guitar.

Anyway, I think that to be a music fan you do not need a poster, you just need to feel and live it, as I have done since I was little, thanks to my father, today as he has always done, I live the music in every moment of my life. life for that and many things me me if I consider myself a music fan.

separador a1.jpg

To live music is to live life.




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