Everything is an apprenticeship

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Life although it seems difficult is not, everything is part of learning is almost impossible to make things perfect the first time, when you think that everything is over, when you believe that your end is near, analyze thinks ask God and acts, when your cycle in a certain place I finish is because it comes for you something better and not the worst.

Although you think that this place was everything for you (Work, club, community) the true reality is that it is not like that, the world is very wide, you only have to look for new horizons, there you will realize that you were wrong and although in that certain place you learned a lot, you grew up, you laughed and you took care was a place that had you stagnant.

Recently something similar happened to me for things that I never understood, I finish my cycle in a community there I grew up and I learned a lot, I really have a lot to thank those who make life there, for things of life occurred in specific cases, they had nothing see me, but as they say fair pay for sinners, stop belonging to that great community, that made me move a little away from this great platform to think very well what I would do in my new cycle now that is outside the community to which both dedicate time and by the way to the only community that I have belonged, I have been asking friends that have done on this platform, as they have done to survive in steemit and the truth that I have been impressed with the endless options that can be found and to which I never turn to look to dedicate time to a single community and although there is much that I should thank, I realized that there I pond.

I got stuck because I did not turn around to look at any other server, I got stuck because I learned only what was done there, I got stuck because today despite having a good time on this platform and I already have a good reputation, I must start from scratch in some other server, which is not very easy.

The learning that I left is that we should never devote all our energies to a single community, no matter how excellent it may seem and no matter how much you have learned, the most important thing is to make friends, contact new servers and learn from everyone. I knew how to do something that will not happen again.

I have met very good people on this platform who are willing to help without expecting anything in return, those people have sent me God, who trusted me fully and who has allowed me to take a second breath, raise my hands and start again.

Or as this beautiful song says I raise my hands even if I do not have the strength.


A very beautiful song, and that helps you reflect on many things.

Thank God all this has happened to me, I learned a lot, I learned being in the community that I belonged and I learned after leaving it, I learned everything about steemit except one that I learned after being away, steemit is not only a community, steemit is much more than that, it is so much that in reality I just realized and I just learned that I still have a lot to know about steemit and I will learn that as I get to know more friends, as I said at the beginning everything is an apprenticeship.


We learn from the good and the bad, maybe what seems bad is good and what is good can actually be better, you just have to learn

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