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Self-centeredness can be a barrier in the way people interact with others. An egocentric personality is often linked to behaviors such as arrogance, ambition and exhibitionism, no matter how their actions hurt others.

Some psychologists consider that this trait is related to the family experience. An egocentric person probably lacked affectivity on the part of their parents and this leads to the child projecting his desire for greatness through self-centeredness. Here we explain the four main characteristics that will help you recognize an egocentric person.

Distorted self-image

This characteristic of self-centered people is based on the image they have of themselves. The egocentric tends to appear excessive self-confidence, as well as high self-esteem. However, the psychologist Erich Fromm considers that this is a simple defense mechanism and that in reality the egocentric people are very insecure. As a result of this excessive confidence, self-centered people can present feelings of greatness that focus on fantasies of power, success, love, sex, etc. without considering the obstacles as challenges, but as a hindrance in their perfect image and, therefore, rejects them without giving them credit.

Little empathy

As the egocentric enjoys being praised and admired, he rarely shows sensitivity to others, as this would make him seem inferior. An egocentric person has difficulty recognizing the values ​​of the people around him, which can complicate teamwork or interpersonal relationships.

Poor reception of criticism

A person with features of egocentricity tends to be offended easily with any criticism, even if it does not express it directly. The egocentric is most likely to disparage the opinion of others when considering it without sufficient level to judge it. However, he worries about feeling valued by others and can demonstrate it through envy, rejecting help from others or asking questions about himself constantly.

Problems in interpersonal relationships

Some factors that cause problems in the interpersonal relationships of the self-centered people are their love for the exhibition (need to be constantly recognized), their vanity, their pride, the way in which they can use other people to obtain their own benefit, the manipulation of those around him, emotional blackmail, his inability to listen to the interlocutor and the rejection of the people around him.

Recognizing or recognizing the other as a self-centered person does not necessarily pose a problem. Rather, a solution. If you believe that you meet several characteristics of the aforementioned, you have the opportunity to generate a new environment in your environment, and if you know another person that you consider egocentric, it is your opportunity to be empathetic and not judge, remember that at the end of the day Self-centered people feel an existential void and a deep sadness.


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