Gelotophobia, panic to teasing

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Gelotophobia is a pathological fear to be mocked. Nobody likes to laugh at their expense, but the affected by this phobia is too sensitive to the laughter of others, even when they have nothing to do with it.

Gelotophobia is the pathological fear that a person experiences to be the object of mockery of others and to make a fool of himself. The name derives from the Greek terms -phobes, fear and gelos, laughter-, and it's not simply that you do not like being laughed at - who likes it? - but it goes further, so that the affected person has a special sensitivity to the laughter of others, whether it is true that they laugh at him or one of his actions, as if they are his imaginations.

This panic of laughter and ridicule becomes so strong that people with gelotophobia suffer anxiety, sweating, trembling or dizziness when they are in a situation where they believe that others are making fun of them. The consequences of this problem are low self-esteem, social isolation, and even depression, so those affected should be put in the hands of a professional, to help them progressively face this fear to overcome it.

People with gelotophobia suffer from anxiety, sweating, trembling or dizziness when they find themselves in a situation where they believe that others are making fun of them

Do not confuse gelotophobia with mobbing -things in the workplace-, or bullying, a term that defines a situation in which a child or young person is the victim of aggression or ridicule by a classmate or classmates. school, a situation that can even spread to Internet harassment, known as cyberbullying. Although in these cases the victim may also feel terror in the face of laughter, it is not because he has an excessive sensitivity to ridicule, but because he is really suffering abuse and harassment.

How to prevent gelotophobia

The gelotofobia usually has its origin in childhood or adolescence, and is often associated with situations in which the child has felt that they have made fun of him, or has been criticized or belittled, either by their physical appearance, or by not knowing do something. Low self-esteem can also generate this phobia of ridicule.

Another trigger of the gelotophobia is the school bullying that we mentioned before, since the victim, after being harassed and humiliated, can develop panic to live something similar again, and obsesses in such a way that she thinks that any laughter she hears refers to she even if it's not true.

To prevent the gelotophobia, we must avoid these situations, and also:

  • It is essential never to make fun of children, not to ridicule them, and not to use sarcasm to criticize their appearance or behavior.

  • Parents should also be vigilant if their children show feelings of inferiority and low self-esteem, or if they do not want to play with other children, as they may be being mocked at school, and it is necessary to show them that they have all their support and affection for solve any problem they have.

  • We must also avoid overprotection and not hinder the socialization of children, since later it will be more difficult for them to interact with children of their age and they will not integrate naturally in school, so their behavior can be rare and they can to refuse.

  • Teach your children to tolerate frustration and ridicule, and be self-critical, but with the goal of improving, not feeling inferior, is a good way to make them feel more confident and more able to face unfavorable situations .

  • Consult a specialist if the child is defensive and refuses to interact with others.


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