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Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a neurological condition that affects one in 160 children in Mexico, according to the World Health Organization. The characteristics of children and adults with autism are extremely varied (depending on the type and level of presence), but there are several generalities. Among the most remarkable, we can see that they are completely immersed in their inner world, do not look in the eyes, have problems communicating, are hypersensitive to sensory stimuli and have a hard time relating affectionately, even with their parents and family members.

The inner world of an autistic person is a mystery and they are always abstracted in it, with small and slow "exits" to the outside. For this reason, regardless of the age they have, it is complex and particular to relate to them and have, for example, playful and fun activities. The characteristics of these activities are very specific, but fortunately there are many that can be practiced. Here is a list of five activities you can do at any time.

1) Replay games.

Autistic children enjoy repetition activities where routines and shifts have been established. As in everyday life, autism is better coped with when creating comfort zones with schedules and specific activities that become part of the daily life of people with ASD. So for these cases, you can set specific moments to take a walk or read a book, or play games where the repetitive has a main role, for example, drawing in turns, imitation games, outdoor races or photographing objects and people . One of the peculiarities of autism is that certain "rituals" are established, and therefore, they must be encouraged and respected so that communication is achieved with empathy.

2) Concentration activities.

The games you propose should "catch" the child's attention, as it is common for them to become easily distracted or not to acquire that concentration. Find items that appeal to you, for example, your favorite objects or preferred dynamics, and use them to create around them. If the child has special toys, turn them into protagonists, since it is likely that if you insert a new item you can not get their attention. One way to know if boredom is dominating you is if you stop concentrating your gaze, look everywhere, get impatient or irritated, or just get up and walk away. In these cases, do not force him to stay.

3) Activities in comfortable environments.

Autistic children develop better confidence and develop better in the spaces they already know and where they feel comfortable. These places can be from rooms to very peculiar spaces like under the blankets, behind the wardrobe or in a "fort" built with their own toys or containers. Take advantage of these places to propose to play, and include yourself in them but carefully, without feeling invaded, because anything that makes you feel uncomfortable will divert your attention and could make you bad. Once you are there, propose inclusive and participatory activities that do not confront or expose, for example, only you and him without having an audience of more people.

4) Give him his time and do not do things for him.

This part is essential to do anything. Do not despair if even the simplest games are delayed or diverted. Remember that other things that you do not perceive are happening in your mind and you need your time to feel focused on external goals. If you start doing things for him, the only thing you will achieve is that he does not feel included and loses interest in following the game. It is one thing to set the example (which is very necessary) but another, very different, is to take its place.

5) Musical dynamics.

Music has so much power that it will be your best ally when performing activities with an autistic child. Begin with steps: first identify which musical genre you like the most, which one you smile with and do not express yourself uncomfortable; then you can sing the lyrics and invite him to follow you or repeat rhythms and sounds with the palms or improvised instruments; and then, if the attention is at its peak, encourage dance movements that go from the simple and quiet to let him show his vitality and joy with jumping or shouting. Without a doubt, they will have an incredible time.


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