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Although the "there" does not exist, reviewing and reflecting on the experience is useful to better understand our motivations and obtain the greatest learning from each experience. Surely it has happened to you that, in that exercise, you imagine a thousand ideas that could have been better to solve or face a certain situation. It's like when you come up with the ideal answer to a question long after you answered it!

The same applies when you advise others about what they "should" do to be better, or questioning what you would have done in their case. Of course that's not bad, you just have to accept that it's almost always easier to say what to do.

Yoga, like many other philosophical practices, teaches us that the present moment is the only one we have. I know it sounds obvious, but I invite you to read it again: there is no greater wealth than to connect fully with the current moment. Who are you and what do you want, here and now?

The clarity in front of these two questions is the key to recognizing every opportunity, in its just dimension and implication. To put it very simply, imagine that you are walking and you find yourself with a package that bears your name marked. You saw it, there is the opportunity. What follows is to decide if you take it or leave it. If you like Star Wars you will remember the scene in which Yoda gives a lesson of profound transcendence to Luke when he says: "Do it or do not do it, but do not try it".


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