Cows do not give milk.

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We have repeatedly told our children that cows give milk. But to what extent have we been selling a false idea to our little ones?

A parable that speaks about it tells the following:

A hard-working peasant, he told his children from an early age that he had a secret to share with them. When the eldest of them reached his eighth birthday, the peasant took him out of the house and said: Son, the time has come to tell you a great truth. "Cows do not give milk." The rather surprised boy asked his father for an explanation, and the man explained slowly: To enjoy that glass of milk you must get up every day before the sun comes up, cross the land until you reach the cows, get around the excrements left behind, all with a bench in one hand and a bucket in the other, tie the legs of the cow, sit in front of your udders and make harmonious and constant movements. Only then will you get the milk. That was the great secret that I had for you. Cows do not give milk, they are milked.

Obviously the milk comes from the cow. But what does it really mean to obtain it? Is it as simple as standing in front of the udders and filling a glass?
I think all parents should do like the peasant of history, and explain to our children that things are not as easy as they seem. That everything we want to obtain requires work and effort. We do not share the idea of ​​the 21st century of some political doctrines that see everything as easy, receiving without much effort, taking away some to give to others. That our young people value everything they can get, knowing that behind each product there is a hardworking man who makes it possible with care.

My son, the cows do not give milk. You must milk them.



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