Cosplay aestethic challenge!!!

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Lately this cosplay aestethic challenge is been viral among the cosplay community. I'm not a fan of sharing challenges on pages like Steemit, as they may be considered Spam, but this seems a very interesting case and diserves some promotion. I promise to continue with my informative posts soon.

This challenge consists on adding several images, including cosplay photograpy and other elements such as landscapes, accessories, video frames from movies or games, in order to recreate a sequence or the atmosphere that surrounds a character. It´s a challenge that incites to experiment, in order to get a very attractive image, I found it very funny (it also reminded me something from my profession, the process of the Art Direction to propose every scene´s aesthetics).

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Red Queen Iracebeth, from Alice in wonderland, by Tim Burton.

Howl, from Howl´s moving castle, by Hayao Miyazaki.

Harley Quinn, from Batman animated series.

I invite you to search through the networks, especially in Instagram, Tumblr and Deviantart, you will find some fascinating results.

For those who are interested my instagram is:

I hope you have enjoyed my pictures, if you have any suggestions or comments, you are welcome to do so!!!


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