Sorry, my love | Poem

in #english3 years ago

Sorry my love

If I failed at some point.
Or I was not what you expected,
If you got bored of me after a while.

Sorry for dedicating smiles,
And tears.

I'm sorry for wanting to give the best of me,
Even he is knowing it was something suicidal.
For wanting the best for you,
And forget what was best for me.

Sorry for the night walks,
And enjoy the dark hours,
Screaming your name,
Asking for more.

Sorry my love,
If I let you go so easily,
And do not fight for us,
But I'm not begging for affection,
Or beg anyone to stay.

Hi everyone! this is my first english post. My domain is a little much poor, so I apologize for any error. Thanks for reading :)


Such an heart touching poetry <3 nice work

It's very good. Thanks for sharing your poem! "Forgetting what was best for me..." That is something I've experienced. And "I'm not begging anyone to stay...." Once again, I've experienced that. Thank you for expressing my thoughts beautifully <3!