Japanese bamboo (My own reflexion)

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I copy this short story verbatim so you can read it:
"Growing Japanese bamboo is not suitable for impatient people, its process is different from other plants or trees, in fact, it is one of the slowest growing plants in the world.

During the first seven years, there is very little that can be seen of its growth, perhaps an inexperienced cultivator, would not have enough patience and would abandon the project.

However, on reaching the seventh year, in just six weeks the bamboo plant grows more than thirty meters.

What happened? Why did not he grow during the first seven years? It was not that it did not grow, but that during the first seven years of apparent inactivity, the bamboo was generating a complex root system, which allowed it to sustain itself when it started growing. "

What happens is that we almost always expect quick results. We want what we do now to bear fruit tomorrow, when in reality things do not work that way and there is a process of growth and learning in order to reach our goals.

Here is my refelxion; We currently live in a very fast world where we are accustomed to quickly obtain the things we want, and if we do not abandon it or go elsewhere.

If you visit a web page and it takes a long time to load that is what you do, you go back or look for another result. This is how we have become accustomed and have become accustomed.

As it turns out that our life is quite similar to Japanese bamboo, the results and growth can not be from one day to the next and that is why we need an inner transformation in which we approach maturity and thus grow little by little.

You may be going through a situation in which you definitely feel that things are not working, but in reality it takes time and patience to overcome any obstacle that comes along the way.

It can also be similar to almost any long-term project in our life project; for example, many times when you start a university career and you think constantly about all the long years that you will spend studying, you can get frustrated too fast, without seeing the final goal of things, and that is the purpose of the life, to be able to observe things and see their ripe fruits, but first you have to cultivate the tree, be like the bamboo, lay the foundations of something big, that in the end will define your life, as is the case of a higher education or university career .

Thanks for reading, see you in the next.

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