Meaning of words and Usage 3

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Reason for choosing word-

Due to the Corona outbreak that has made meaning stay indoors I decided to use the word as it implies to the current situation.

Meaning -

Confinement of prisoners to their cells or the state of restricted access or isolation in order to take full control of a particular situation.


the situation in the world right now requires major states and activities to within a particular location to be on lockdown so as to prevent the widespread.
New York Lockdown made me cry because I won't move about anyhow

Nota Bene: You can construct more sentences with the word Lockdown and it has a more deeper meaning than shown above.

If you find any fault in this definition feel free to correct a sister.


I didn't know NB means Nota Bene. Is that french translation of Note Before?


Prettymel Is this you???

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