Do you want to hunt whales? Here are some tips

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How about Friends of Steemit?

Today my post is of help for the community, this time I want to give you some tips, better said tips so that they can hunt whales and show them the correct way to do it. </ Center>

Surely many know who they are, others have heard about them and there is a chance that a very small population does not know about these inhabitants of steemit.

The whales are extremely large marine animals, one of the most giant of the world is the blue whale, it is said that they can be up to 30 meters, something impressive. In steemit the whales have a different meaning and in turn fulfill a characteristic of the sea whales.

In our #Steemit community there are people and investors who earn and buy Steem Power (Power of vote), from here divide the benefits that all steemians receive through our post, these are the profits that we obtain. The vote of a whale will vary depending on the amount of STEEM POWER you have and what you want to give us, since your vote can be regulated by percentages (%), these go mostly from 2 to 10 SBD, and can even exceed this figure.

In Steemit the users are divided, let's say that in a pyramidal structure, I mean with this, that in the first place you can find the #ballenas, which are the ones I've been talking about.

In a second place would be #delfines, these are users who have a little more time and experience in the community and their steem power ranges from 5,000 to 50,000 SP.

Fishes (
In a third place are the #fishes, these are users who have little time in the community, and are looking for good opportunities that can provide whales and dolphins through their publications, their power of vote is virtually zero.

Now, many may wonder how can I recognize a whale?

• They have a high reputation, mostly go 65, however there are whales that have Steem Power bought and can be having a reputation of 25, and even some have no publication.

• You can recognize it by checking your wallet, if you see that it has a large SP figure, it is undoubtedly a whale.

Important information, what do I do if I find a whale in steemit?

• Read your post, preferably with our language, if it is in another we can translate it with Google to understand perfectly what you want to tell us, this is very important since some mention the characteristics or requirements that you must meet to get your vote.

• Identify what the goal or purpose of that whale is, if it belongs to a support or healing group where they can support us through our creations.

Below I will show you some whales or group of curators that support the community and the good contents:

@ocd: it is a whale that gives its support to Steemians, mostly newcomers.

@Done: Supports quality content.

@Cervantes: Group of curators that essentially supports the Spanish-speaking community, the content must strictly comply with a good spelling and must be of quality. Also the Tags of your post should go as follows: #spanish #cervantes and other three of your preference that are related to your content.

#ballenaprepago: You must pay a small investment and they give you a vote of value, which will attract more people to your publication. ""

As well as the ones I just mentioned there are many more, but if I put them all I never finish the post Hahahahaha

I hope you liked the content
If so, I invite you to give Upvote, and reestem to share it with the other users
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Thanks for you'r tips :)

Thanks to you friend for passing and comment: D success!

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