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We must be very careful with the management of the location that we publish through our social networks
It is no secret to anyone the penetration power that social networks have developed in recent times, thanks to the rise of telecommunication technologies, which makes it easier to share messages, images, videos and all kinds of information with our relatives, friends and contacts all over the world, just by having a personal computer or a smart phone.

But the benefits that these advances represent to strengthen links and keep us in "virtual" contact with our acquaintances, can violate our security if we do not take the necessary precautions to prevent our confidential data from falling into the hands of strangers.

In this sense, it is important to protect our privacy in social networks and above all, not to provide more information than we really want to make known with our publications.

The latest generation mobile phones include GPS, an aspect that makes them capable of geo-locating us in a matter of seconds and although this technological advancement has a positive connotation, it simultaneously involves disseminating certain information that, on numerous occasions, it is better not to share.

Among the most popular social networks, there is Facebook and, in turn, it is the support that reveals more information about us. In this case, our friends will be able to know our location in 3 different ways:


'I'm here.' A voluntary and conscious way of saying that we are in that city that we were so eager to go or eating that creamy ice cream in the place that is most in vogue.


Update of states. Facebook tells all our friends where we are at the time we update our status. In this case, we do not say exactly our location but an approximation is shown. To avoid doing so, we must close that option when publishing.


Facebook Messenger. When we send private messages, we may not be aware that we are revealing our location.

Geo-localization on Twitter:

In the case of the social network Twitter, both through the computer and the cell phone, the geo-location service can tell from where we are tweeting. If someone clicks on our twit, the location that shows you is accurate, so much so that you can get to know the street and the number from where we are doing that action.

In this case, deactivating our location is very simple. The only thing we have to do is not to select the "locate" button and Twitter will not show it.

Geo-location on Instagram:

Like Facebook, Instagram allows the tagging of places where we take photos. In this case, it is also optional to say where we are. Therefore, if we want to publish only the photo, we do not have to click on the button. But we reiterate, this action is optional and everyone has the power to decide what information they want to share and what they do not, with their friends, acquaintances or followers.

The advisable thing is not to reveal where we are in each moment, since the cyber-criminals can use this information against us, violating our security to commit crimes that go from the robbery, the extortion or the kidnapping.

This exhortation, is far from prohibiting the publication of travel images or festivities in our profiles, it is one of the essences of social networks, share with our contacts the activities we develop, but reiterate, the essence is not to publish it in real time, but make reference later.

The technological advances are positive for the progress of man and civilization, but as in many aspects, there are unscrupulous people who take advantage of these advances to commit cyber crimes, using the data we publish through social networks, hence the importance of being foreseeable in this sense, to avoid exposing ourselves and being the target of unscrupulous.




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