Charity project based on steem

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Hello my name is Diego Hernandez, I am Venezuelan as many know Venezuela is going through one of the worst crisis in the history of the world, from lack of food, medicine, unemployment etc ...

These are just some of the things that happen in Venezuela, I thought about why not do a charity project for the needy based on steem.

Steemit is one of the ways of "work" of many people and mostly Venezuelans, our current monthly salary is 5,100,000 bolivares equivalent to about $ 0.89, on Friday the president nicolas mature announced a salary increase along with the new cone monetary "Bolivar Sovereign" salary increase was 3400% 180,000,000 Bolivares which has created a chaos and very high product price increase, according to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) the inflation of Venezuela will reach 1,000,000% in the next months.

How would this kind of help work?

My plan is to raise steem, steem dollars, by voting my publications, then convert steem and steem dollars in our currency fiat bolivar, to start my project I would start helping people in my community with food, medicine, etc. .. photographing and publishing in steemit the help obtained thanks to steem.

This project may sound somewhat ambitious but could help many people who are going through a bad time due to our terrible crisis, I hope your comments, advice and opinions on what they think of this, if there is any charity of this kind let me know in the comments, Thanks for reading greetings from Venezuela