On International Women's Day.

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First of all I want to express my congratulations to the beautiful ladies of this extensive social network, on the occasion of commemorating International Women's Day, however, every day is their day, since they are all warriors, just observe your environment and see how the woman has managed to climb positions that in ancient times was just an assumption.

I want to dedicate this post to the Venezuelan woman, to that lady who struggles with the daily chores of the home and with the labor responsibilities, which has managed to climb positions in political, social, cultural, economic, technological, national and even international areas, which they were in former times the powers of men, those brave fighters who have to be mother and father at the same time, who have come to practice hard professions without losing the sublime charm that characterizes them, to which they strive every day in to become better people in all the existing areas in our extensive national geography.


As is well known, we celebrate International Women's Day in honor of all those struggles they have waged to obtain equal rights, fair, equitable and equal treatment. It has been a struggle for many years, from remote times, which were paying off as improvements were granted in all aspects of society, for that reason today we have women who excel in all areas, even better than men, however there are still things for which they must continue striving, there are cultures that still see women as an object, as a trophy and that must be eradicated absolutely.

The world has progressed enough so that there are still societies that do not give a fair value to women, all nations on all continents should admire women, in a way, if it were not for them, the human race would not exist. we are all born of a woman who carries us in her womb during pregnancy, they fulfill complex roles that no man in the world can do, that's why we have to change the way women are treated in some countries.


In short, the most beautiful of God's creation was the woman, no matter what physical characteristics she possesses, what religion she professes, what ethnicity she belongs to, women will always stand out in the group and in such a globalized world they will arrive very far in their purposes, they have demonstrated it in time and will continue to do so for a long time, receive the admiration of the world for the achievements made and for the effort they make each day to be better in all the things they have set out to do. .

For all women in general my respect, my pride and my admiration for the work done in the society in which they live and move forward, because not only is it a day to celebrate them, it is every day of the year that must be celebrated and Thank you for your existence, God bless you eternally.


Best regards.

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