The Flight (Poetry)

in english •  last year  (edited)
Hello my new Steemit friends, I want to share this poetry with all of you. It was made after I lost a good friend in my life. It was a really hard moment but anyway I survived because I understood we have to keep on moving to our destinies and don´t stop or look forward or back even we love somebody so much ..
The lost happened in the place I´m looking at in the picture. It is called "La Caleta" and it is located in one of the most beautiful beaches of my dear country Venezuela called "Cuyagua".
This is dedicated to all those we left on the road, not because we really want to do it but we have to because we need to keep on our own fligths. My heart feels especially today some losts on the way ..

Oh please, look at me ..
look at my eyes,
I´m not the same thing,
I got to fly,
lay down by me, if you need to cry,
and let´s stay here
just for a little while, because we have to say good bye.
But don´t worry my dear..
it is only by this time,
I´ve changed my shape,
I´m not the same baby bird child.
I think I can see you there,
if you do things right..
I´m begging you
oh please ! .. don´t do things bad.
Turn your head above,
to the blue and deep sky..
It is the eternal place
and it could be our private and holy house..
And if we get there, together, I promise you
that I´ll be loving you
to the end of any time ...

Imágen de mi autoría:

Cuyagua Beach. A view from the landscape to the Caribbean Sea. Aragua, Venezuela. Date: Sept. 2017.

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pretty good. Keep going!

Thx !!

As per @johnskotts you were resteemed by @resteemerdeluxe. Great poem. Keep it up, I am a human robot.../..

Great !

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