Triwer. Courier Express (CEPM) Based on Blockchain.

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Every e-commerce user dreams of a company that has the following qualities: Fast, cost effective, secure, uninterrupted and personalized delivery for your online purchases. Today many Courier Express (CEPM) parcel companies offer all this and much more, but almost always some of it fails. In addition to all these details there is a serious problem that must be addressed such as inefficiency and bottlenecks in the Courier Express (CEPM) parcel market.

For this reason we would like to introduce you to an excellent application called Triwer which meets all the requirements for online shoppers and companies to fully control their shipping needs and get the best deal through our built-in price comparison engine. The online customer has the ability to customize their profile with delivery preferences and transmit these settings across multiple online stores to organize the arrival of their purchases at a time and place that suits them best, with real-time tracking of the location of the last mile.

I was very interested in this project because when I found out that it will be supported by a blockchain it will be totally secure and transparent, which means that it is totally decentralized, has intelligent contracts and will be marketed through its TRW tokens, in addition to all this it assigns an added value to consumers and distributors.

The [Triwer[( model

Send and deliver on demand with real-time tracking of the last mile

  • On-demand delivery with real-time mileage tracking With Triwer, anyone with a smartphone or tablet can take control of their shipping needs, so they can send what they need, where and when they need it.

Connectivity and security using blockchain and smart contracts

  • Triwer's shipments will be recorded in Ethereum's Blockchain with intelligent contracts for total transparency and decentralised security.

Vision, growth, e-commerce and rapid expansion

  • For e-commerce SMEs and their customers in Europe, our mission is clear: to be the preferred one in 2019 for SMEs and their customers, as well as being the main delivery service to crowds in the region.

Professional drivers provide a seamless experience

  • Triwer benefits from the reserve capacity of the resources of experienced and experienced drivers already operating in the market. All shipments and deliveries made through Triwer are 100% insured.

Tested by professionals and peers

  • Triwer's business plan, model and white paper have been reviewed by legal advisors, along with industry and block chain experts. PricewaterhouseCoopers has been appointed auditor.

Environmental impact and CO2 reduction

  • Full integration with PickPack for paperless delivery. Triwer's logistical efficiencies will reduce travel, and Triwer is also dedicated to using and investing in low-emission transportation technology.


  • The carrier has greater control over its products for delivery.
  • A wide range of logistics offers guarantees competitive prices.
  • Improved efficiency and resource allocation.
  • CRM, customer preferences and customization.
  • The registration of the goods with a single click, transport and collection.
  • More responsibility, safer transmission and fewer losses.
  • Live tracking, GPS and direct communication at the last mile.
  • Shipments are 100% covered through our insurance partners.
  • Customer service by phone and live chat 7 days a week.
  • Paperless system with PickPack TM.
  • Respectful of the environment.

About the Token .

The [Triwer[( Token (TRW) is a useful token. The sale of the TRWs is final and non-refundable. TRWs are not shares and do not entitle to participate in the Triwer Technologies AS general meeting. TRW cannot have a particular performance or value outside the Triwer network. Therefore, TRWs shall not be used or bought for speculative or investment purposes. The buyer of TRW is aware that nationwide securities laws, which ensure that investors are sold investments that include all appropriate disclosures and are subject to regulatory scrutiny for investor protection, are not applicable.

Price1 TRW = 0.08 USD
AcceptingETH, BTC
Soft cap5,000,000 USD
Hard cap25,000,000 USD
Whitelist/KYCKYC & Whitelist
Restricted areasUSA, China



-Triwer was born


  • Concept & design

Feb 2018

  • Beta testing

Mar 2018

  • Beta testing

May 2018

  • Public Token Sale

May 2018

  • Launch of Brokerage Module

Q2 2018

  • Launch in Uk, Germany and Spain

Q3 2018

  • Token payment and smart contract integration complete

Q3 2018

  • In-app exchange complete & Launch in rest of EU

Q4 2018

  • Expansion into 10 European countries

Q1 2019

  • Extend protocol and launch in US

Q1 2019

  • Strategic EU acquisitions


  • Per Havden - Working Chairman
  • Thomas Vogt - CEO & Co-founder
  • Kim Abrahamsen - Co-founder & Chief of Sales
  • Alexander Martin - Finance Manager
  • Dave Rooney - Head of Tech & Applications
  • Frank Dekker - System Engineer & Automation
  • Søren A. Jørgensen - Frontend Developer
  • Marius Wirum Haaverstad - Service Design / UX
  • Gina Sansoni - PR Manager
  • Steffen Bønsnes - Social Media Platforms
  • Ken Chui - SEA Operations
  • Michael Stout - Senior Security Expert
  • Kedar Iyer - Ethereum Blockchain Expert
  • Such t Dhindsa - Investor Relations
  • Sam Farao - Growth Marketing & Investments
    -Ian Scarffe - Blockchain ICO Consultant / Advisor. Founder at Crypto Consulting and Investments LTD
  • Mark Jacobsen Blockchain Advisor

If you need more information I leave you below the links where you can review it in much more detail, any questions or doubts I invite you to comment.


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