Practice English everyday #7

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Today's topic: Second conditional

Are the sentences below correct? If not, can you correct them?

  1. If I won a lottery I will buy a house.
  2. If I would have time I would finish this project.
  3. If she wanted to see him, she would.
  4. If they weren’t so stubborn they would listen to me.
  5. If she tries she would succeed.

Choose the correct sentence:

  1. If I was an animal I would be a cat. or If I was an animal I will be a cat.
  2. She would do it if she can. or She would do it if she could.
  3. If I would have a choice I wouldn’t do it. or If I had a choice I wouldn’t do it.
  4. If I find a wallet on the street, I would took it to the police station. or If I found a wallet on the street I would take it to the police station.
  5. If I could read Chinese, I would help you. or If I could read Chinese I will help you.

Have fun!
And remember - practice makes perfect! :)

Here are the answers to yesterday's post:

  1. He has lost his key.
  2. She has left.
  3. I have finished the report.
  4. I have sent the parcel.
  5. I have told him about this.
  1. He is on holiday. He’s gone to England.
  2. I haven’t read that book yet.
  3. I have never eaten an octopus.
  4. They have lived here for 20 years.
  5. She has broken her leg and now she can’t walk.