Practice English everyday #5

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Today's topic: Past Continuous

Are the sentences below correct? If not, can you correct them?

  1. What are you doing when I called you?
  2. She fell asleep while watch a movie.
  3. I saw an accident when I was driving.
  4. She was have dinner when he called.
  5. What did you do when you were seeing them?

Choose the correct sentence:

  1. We didn't know what to do. or We weren't knowing what to do.
  2. She loved him very much. or She was loving him very much.
  3. I was watching a movie when someone knocked at the door. or I watched a movie when someone was knocking at the door.
  4. He went upstairs 10 minutes ago. or He was going upstairs 10 minutes ago.
  5. Nobody understood her. or Nobody was understanding her.

Have fun!
And remember - practice makes perfect! :)

Here are the answers to yesterday's post:
  1. Mozart wrote many pieces of music.
  2. He threw the ball to her and she caught it.
  3. It was cold so I put on my coat.
  4. Correct.
  5. Correct.
  1. Did she go to bed early yesterday?
  2. He didn’t see her crossing the street.
  3. She bought a car for $20,000.
  4. Did you hear me?
  5. They didn’t finish the movie.