Practice English everyday #4

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Today's topic: Past Simple

Are the sentences below correct? If not, can you correct them? (Use past simple tense)
  1. Mozart written many pieces of music.
  2. He throwing the ball to her and she catch it.
  3. It was cold so I putted on my coat.
  4. I went downstairs and prepared breakfast.
  5. She wrote two essays yesterday.
Choose the correct sentence:
  1. Did she go to bed early yesterday? or Did she went to bed early yesterday?
  2. He didn’t see her crossing the street. or He don’t see her crossing the street.
  3. She bought a car for $20,000. or She buyed a car for $20,000.
  4. Did you hear me? or Did you heard me?
  5. They didn’t finish the movie. or They don’t finished the movie.

Have fun!
And remember - practice makes perfect! :)

Here are the answers to yesterday's post:

  1. Does she work in school?
  2. Correct.
  3. Correct.
  4. Do you hate cold weather?
  5. Do you have a dog?
  1. Do they know me?
  2. Does she study English every Saturday?
  3. Is she writing the report?
  4. Is he calling his boss?
  5. Is the train leaving?

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