It's cold, I hear the bells and I see more lights shining. Christmas is here!

in #english4 years ago

Christmas is a special day that we like to celebrate with family and close friends, so just as we decorate our home, we should not forget the place where we spend much of the day, our workplace.  

We should not overdo the decoration, create a cheerful and festive atmosphere that is what proceeds in these days, but without falling into something excessively overloaded 

They also say that decorating the office with Christmas decorations increases productivity. So let's take a look at some ideas that can help us decorate our workplace in an elegant and subtle way.

Decorating the office generates empathy and an atmosphere of optimism among employees. It will also make a very pleasant impression on our customers and people who come to visit us at this time. 

That's why we're going to see how we can give that Christmas touch to the office and make it a cozy and stylish place.   


I love the goodwill and community feelings that arrive with the festive season. In Buddhist Thailand it's very low key, and this year we'll be travelling in Vietnam for Christmas week. But planning to put our tree up to enjoy in the week before Christmas, and in the few days at New Year when we return.

Seasons Greetings to you!!

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