"The Arrival" / Paranormal Story Part 1.

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   The dazed security guard Dominic Diaz was watching the monitors without any relevant attention, apart from his colleague "Tony" supervising the corridors of the museum. It was one more night at his boring job (as he used to call it).

  With nothing to do but endure the buttock pain of sitting for hours, he lay down on the table where he used to work and fell asleep in a few minutes. Dominic Diaz had no idea that night was going to be any different than any previous night in his career as a security guard at the New York Museum of Natural History.


    An agonizing and heartbreaking scream caused the guard to leap out of his chair, waking him from his pleasant nap. Confused and even drowsy, he felt his heart beat faster as a result of his sudden awakening. Seconds later a desperate scream was heard again.

---Dom! Help me! Please help me! aarrgh!..---

This time the bewildered guard could see the source of the sound, took the radio transmitter from his waist and carried it near his mouth to respond.

---Tony! What's up, buddy?! You scared the hell out of me!--- He didn't get any answers.

--- Tony!... please answer what's going on... --- the nervous guard said again, as he thought his heart was going to come out of his chest and he felt a drop of sweat begin to descend from his forehead. But what he heard next ended up freezing his blood, causing a real sense of fear in his body. A grim, rough, ghostly voice was heard through the communicator:

---Tony.... No!....! He no longer exists...---

Dominic didn't remember being so nervous in his life --- "Maybe he's playing a joke on me"--- he thought.

    Without turning the matter over too much, and despite the terror he was feeling, the security guard armed himself with courage in addition to his gun and set out down the cold stairs that connected the security quadrant with the main hall of the museum, hoping that it was all just a bad joke on his partner's part.

    If the nerves and fear that the poor guard was feeling at the time had let him clear his thoughts and observe his surroundings in detail, he would have been aware of the terrifying image reflected by monitor number twelve; a blood festival adorned the floor and walls of the Egyptian gallery, most of the pieces on display were destroyed and a lone lantern lay on the floor pointing its faint light in the direction of a corner of the room, where a deformed but humanoid shadow directed its red demonic eyes toward the security camera, as if it could observe the careless guard while in the monitoring office.This fatal mistake would have irreversible consequences for the life of Dominic Diaz, who innocent of everything, frightened and with a lump in his throat, was imminently heading for the worst experience of his life and possibly... The last one.

To be continued...

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