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Hello everyone!!

My name is Janeth! I am from Venezuela. Reach this community through the recommendation of a Venezuelan youtuber, on how to earn money through social networks. I am an administrator in the Human Resources area. I have no experience writing stories, but I hope to bring you something interesting about my life, be it cooking, travel, history, beliefs ... less than politics.

I like animals, flowers, nature, taste simple and exquisite dishes. I like doing yoga, walking and swimming. Regarding music, I listen to everything from classical, ballads, reggaeton, rock and rancheras ... hehehe, sometimes I can't sing while I do my chores. I love cult, romantic, comic films of the European style.


I find this page very interesting, because I can learn to create post, although the truth is nothing about designs, I look for information about it to learn and improve. I think that each one of us, we can learn more every day regardless of age, it is not that I think old, but I know that it is a community of very young people and some with experiences or studies related to writing and graphic design. I am still open to know them and handle this tool better.


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Thank you so much for your interest!

Welcome to Steemit @janethsteemit :)

Welcome! I hope you enjoy your time here! 🙂

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Howdy Janeth. Can you run really fast?

@janethsteemit Hey Welcome here dear... Glad to see you here....
Upvoted you 100% !!!
Hope just like your #introduceyourself post your every post gets on top and you achieve your goal using steemit...
If you need any help or assistance feel free to tell me over steemchat...
I will be always there for you!!!!
Do view my profile and follow me to get one of the amazing valuable blogs on steemit!!!! Thanks=)@janethsteemit

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Welcome to Steem, looking forward to read more of your posts!

Welcome to steemit @janethsteemit.

Welcome the new steemians. Have a great day!

Welcome to Steem! You have taken the first step in achieving many goals here at the crossroads of cryptocurrencies, blockchain, and social media. Consistent engagement is needed to progress and grow your following and influence. I am currently working on a weekly post to curate new users and providing them an introduction to the ecosystem. I have selected your post as one I will feature in an upcoming post! In addition, I have published a post that provides great references to assist you in your journey. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or feedback!