Summary after 4 episodes of "Baki 2020"

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This season, or at least the first part of the Raitaisai Tournament, should have the subtitle "Yujiro Hanma playing like a child on Raitaisai" xD. I warn you in advance that this post will be devoted mainly to Ogre, it is possible that in the following reviews it will be similar, provided that my beloved giant will have as much air time in the rest of the episodes. The first of them provided me with so many epic scenes that I didn't have to make print-screens from the other three, and that's only half (?) Of the great Raitaisai tournament. I love him because no other character, when it comes to manga or any other form of art, is not such a perfect character type. The guy is so awesome that he has the full right (even obligation!) To walk like God among people. Even his son said that he hates him and wants to see his barely alive body under his feet. I love moments when others tell him about the need to control their emotions, drives, and torment with trainings, and he laughs mockingly at their faces. If he changes the intonation of his voice and spits with thick saliva on what he just heard, I am in heaven. The voice actor Uvogina from HxH and Thorkella from VS is one of the best in Japan and nobody will convince me that it is different. Alpha males spurting testosterone fit him perfectly. It is a pity that they cut the text from the manga, that Yujiro hit so hard that he stopped GPSs around the world I would have a lot of laugh, like a pig.


Well, let's start from the beginning. The first thing that catches the eye is the noticeable improvement in the fields of animation, lines, and graphics. It is not a level where we could admire, but it is well and anime in the end there is no reason to complexes towards their fellow-made to the needs of the Japanese market. This means already a lot because the cartoons created for Netflix or other streaming services (I mean Crunchyroll and their "Tower of God") stand out from the anime quality, which is not good or very good in this respect. After what I saw in these four episodes, I can safely give 2 season "Bakie" +7/10 for the visual side. There is less CGI, the movements are smoother, maybe not all the blows are fully animated (it is about those in which we only see the swing or other, simple movement that is animated in a sparing way), but what is to be refined by the creators is it is. As for the opening, I'm not happy about it, as the first and lacks pierdolnięcia, as in the previous two, but it is well. I liked it quickly and I like to play it in the background - be it during walks with my dog ​​or cleaning at home.


The "fight" between Yujiro Hanma and Muhammad Ali Jr. is my strongest candidate for the best stage of the year when it comes to the anime from 2020. It's just so brilliant on so many levels that I can't imagine that someone might not like it. Direction, appropriate selection of music, Yujiro's faces, his lyrics ("I'm just warning, it's been a long time since my hand was so much to fight!" Or "Hhrrhrhrhr, you've got balls young!") And how characteristic absurdity for Keisuke Itagaki and his flagship title. All this adds up to a great atmosphere.


And when it comes to the opinion on the rest of the tournament, I will summarize it to this paragraph, because in the morning I was busy and I am terribly drawn to the next episodes. I like the fact that Keisuke persistently maniac devotes so much time to random people (although they are so similar to each other that he doesn't get tired too much). I like even more how he builds important characters on these weaklings. They talk so much, flex their muscles, brag about their achievements, and Oliva or Yujiro approach, talk a short moment, say a few funny words, make a few moves (and sometimes one, like Oliva) and destroy their opponent. I cried with laughter at this stage, and when I saw that Yujiro reacted similarly, I began to howl.


And finally, the motif with Bakie's tears was horribly stupid and ridiculous, but it's typical for this series (although it's absurdity controlled, as in Jim Carrey's or Cezary Pazura, very good Polish actor who have similar acting style), but the tears giving a temporary ssj1 aura are another density of nonsense xD.

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