The reality of emigrating

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Hello! my name is Hannan Joven who has had the opportunity to emigrate from his native country Venezuela, arriving in Peru and having all kinds of experiences, both good and bad, going through many adversities and also for many unique and unforgettable moments, but in if they have been experiences of which I have learned and have become a much more careful and wise in addition to strong, not precisely of character could say of TEMPLE to be able to overcome any adversity and have a lot of resilience and perseverance, never forget that you are going to fall, after falling when you try to get up, possibly slip and fall even lower and hit bottom, but never forget that the best part of hitting bottom is that we only have one option left, UP and reach the top. In this opportunity I bring you a little of my experiences and some tips so that I can move forward.


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Life gives us experiences to learn, this is yours kepp going bro

maravilloso buen vidio

Epale amigo excelente video, bueno y lamentable el hecho de emigrar de Venezuela, yo aun sigo aquí y espero salir pronto y he estado en la búsqueda de usuarios que estén allá y hasta ahora eres el único que he encontrado y mejor aun que es venezolano! exitos! cuenta con mi apoyo!

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