Dance of the zaragoza a tradition.

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The dance of the Zaragoza is originally from the municipality of Andres Eloy Blanco of Lara State, it is called zaragoza dance and was born by the killing of innocent children in the era of the king erodes, with costumes with multicolored threads, bizarre masks and infinity of men in disguise is given the celebration of this dance of great tradition in the state Lara.


These parties are characterized by their jokes really who have not enjoyed these parties I recommend you spend a nice and different day, despite being a religious celebration dominated by the original dances of the state Lara the Tamunangu with the difference of disguises jokes and atmosphere that is given to these celebrations.


It is really beautiful to see how these traditions have endured over time, the municipality dawns more colorful than ever for the costumes of multiple colors, typical of this celebration, the decorated streets, also the houses and the church by dozens of parishioners who come dressed as zaragozas to fulfill their religious promises.


Traditions must endure, traditions are coexistence that must last from generation to generation, just as happened in the Muncipio Jimenez of Lara state..

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