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Hello friends of steemit. My name is Giovana. I am 18 years old.


"Passionate about photography"

Since I started, I've always liked taking photos since I was little.



I have always liked to be positive in everything that I propose, and that is why I was able to fulfill my dreams of being a model.

"Every moment is special"

The moments are unique and unequaled. we do what we are passionate about and we are what we want.

"Time passes, but the beautiful memories remain"

We live day to day, that's why it's good to make good use of time. Fulfill the dreams and make them come true. These are things for which we must thank God and our parents every day.

This is my photo post.

Hope you like.

Your votes and comments will be of great help. Greetings.


Very good Post. friend

Girl, can you play tennis? I want to play tennis with you.

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For ID theft

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