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hey very good to all, recently finished reading the book of Argentine writers agustin laje and nicolas marquez "the black book of the new left" which deals with gender ideology and cultural Marxism and I found it very interesting so I thought about making a review

the issue of the left in itself interests me a lot because it was a left government that destroyed my country, there are people who say "in Venezuela there is no true socialism" or "the left is the one that cares for the people" know that they are disrespecting millions of people who have died due to socialism / communism. However, I believed that the enemy was well identified, socialists are those who seek to manipulate the ignorant masses and cause a "class struggle" between the worker and the bourgeoisie, but this is no longer the case. after the fall of the Soviet union the left (of Western countries) realized that the worker abandoned them, since every time he lived better and had more abscess to money thanks to capitalism. so they had to look for "new subjects for the revolution" and these are the ones detailed in the book these new subjects for the revolution that the left uses as "useful idiots" are LGBT collectives (and who knows how many more letters) radical feminists and pro-abortion people, there are more groups but this first volume focuses on these. and as it is evident, these are noble causes that seek a good for society, but that is where the left enters and kidnaps and corrupts them. that is why we see that the original feminism (called first wave) sought the right to vote and equality before the law. and now radical feminism seeks that in a company there are 50% men and 50% women regardless of the merit of each one. before the homosexuals and transsexuals sought to be treated like normal people and now they look for the state to finance their mutilations and disguises. and with regard to abortion, something as delicate as having a human life is sought to be done as easily as someone who is going to cut his hair. all this is a strategy of the left to undermine capitalist societies, but since they could not and can not do it from the economic sphere now they do it from the cultural one, the book explains all this in a detailed way with statistics, sources and an endless number of bibliographic references I highly recommend reading the book to anyone, even if you are a person of the left or are part of one of the groups mentioned as it may help you to have another perspective or identify certain things around you. The book is as objective as possible and supports everything it affirms with proof. I think this issue is very important because the gender ideology and cultural Marxism have gained too much strength in Europe and North America, nowadays the dictatorship of political correctness reigns in those places, all that has already arrived and takes strength in Latin America so if we want to preserve culture and good values we must be informed do not forget to leave your vote if you liked it and comment that you thought, greetings ~
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