Start in steemit correctly. If you did not start this way, you have time to correct certain fundamental aspects and learn more every day.

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The objective of this publication is to give an idea to all those users who are starting in this revolutionary WEB page where besides interacting with other users you can generate income in cryptocurrencies.


Start introducing yourself to the world of cryptocurrencies by knowing: What are cryptocurrencies? How do cryptocurrencies work? and what risks do you run?

Below I will leave you some links that will take you to my publications where I briefly explain about this new and productive world.

Now that you know a little bit about cryptocurrencies, I invite you to investigate more and to go further so that you get an excellent benefit from them.

How did my life in steemit begin?

I came to steemit through my mother-in-law, she told my wife and me that there was a web page that by publishing content of your own authorship, you generated income, that little detail aroused my curiosity.

"Can I generate income through a web page?"

For a moment I said; If I can spend hours and hours on facebook or instagram, reading posts from people I may know but in the end, just a waste of time, then why not experiment with steemit that I can learn, generate money and teach my knowledge to other people! .

And from one moment to another all change, steemit came to my life at the right time, I live in Venezuela, a country that is sinking into misery and anarchy, where unemployment and mismanagement abounds, unemployed living with an unemployed wife and two girls to keep a 3 year old one of 8 years old, it would be trite to tell them about the destructive economic situation that exists in Venezuela, but at the end of 2017, my wife and I felt desperate, without generating income with two girls to maintain, the world that we thought we were going to have, full of abundance, tastes, comforts was vanishing before our eyes and without being able to do anything to avoid it, I only thought about emigrating from the country, to be able to give our daughters a better future, At any cost, if I went to clean pocetas abroad I did not care because the work does not dishonor anyone, I just wanted my daughters to have a decent future, to study and be his studies would bear fruit, so that they would not experience the frustration of being professionals and not having a job opportunity to keep growing, I am a retired military officer, I am 32 years old at the moment. I graduated from the Military University Institute of Communications and Electronics of the Armed Forces, in 2007 at the age of 21, but I withdrew when I saw that the Armed Forces where I studied, where I swore to defend my country even at risk of my own life, was cracking at the immorality and corruption, could see a military institution that represents the best example of a country where they would supposedly be the best men and women of the nation, he was being plagued by thieves and immoral at all the senses, I lived things that I hope no one has to live, for that reason and for many reasons but it was that I retire, with a bittersweet feeling I said goodbye to the forces, a lifetime of dreams you see it collapse before your eyes and without being able to avoid it .

In that dark moment of my life STEEMIT arrived, as a door to salvation, I was able to obtain my account and from that moment my life and that of my family was transformed.

My first steps in steemit.

For me the first steps in Steemit were going to say it in a jocular way, crazy, without absolute knowledge of what he was doing, he only had in mind that he could make electronic money and that he could turn into the money he needed. I went dabbling without great benefits, but even so the little that generated in cryptocurrencies, helped us with household expenses and most importantly with food that is quite difficult and expensive to acquire here in my country. Currently many people in this community who are mostly not of Venezuela have dedicated themselves to humble ourselves, to criticize and call thoughtlessly ignorant, spam or other derogatory terms more but my good look is very easy to judge others without for a moment put in the shoes, or under the leaks of each one, although it is true when we are starting, we believe that this web page is about making money and then we do not consider that we are making nonsense publications and that they are considered SPAM. It is considered spam to the act of repetitively publishing content of low quality without meaning or out of context, only for economic purposes or with the intention of only making money, so it is important to investigate a little before starting to publish in steemit, so that Do not fall for these mistakes. Not that I'm saying that all new users are spammer if none of this, contrary am advocating new users that somehow through ignorance or omission are concurring in such mistakes, so do not do it and not be insulted , by people who believe that they are gods or owners of steemit, people who believe that they are above others and run over everyone in their path because they think they are superior. I think that if you are not comfortable with something that happens, the best thing is to talk, to guide the people who do it to make a better quality content or to correct their mistakes, it is the most civilized way to do it, not with insults and contempt, because we are all human and all living beings we must respect to be respected, is the law of the universe, known as the law of attraction. Leaving behind this issue of insults towards Venezuelans I continue.


Now the objective of this publication is to LEARN, how to take your first steps in this community.


In the top right part of the steemit page once entered in your user next to the profile picture, you will find three long dashes in column.

By clicking on it you will find a column of addresses that will give you a tour of the page.

  • Welcome.
  • Frequent questions.
  • Explore currency market.
  • Recovery of stolen accounts.
  • Change password for the account.
  • Vote witnesses.
  • Blocktrades.

Other more options for acquisition of cryptocurrencies, steemit store, where you can buy products, steemit chat, an area where you can choose as a developer if you are a systems engineer and want to belong to the steemit team, there is an application center and many options but it is good that you review and know before you start.

In the welcome option, the steemit staff welcomes you to steemit and offers you a table of contents so you can become familiar with the page. They leave below a section of "Useful Publications of Steemit Users", which contains a set of community user posts that are useful and necessary for new users who are just starting, take the time to read them and learn.

Followed give you a table of contents where you will find a list of tasks before starting, which I will show you below.

  • The first and most important thing they recommend is to back your password, it is important to highlight how important this topic is, because if you lose your password, there will be no way to recover it, and all the money in SBD or STEEM that you have will be lost, I I recommend, save it on a backup disk of important documents, a flash drive, copy it and send it to your respective emails, all those options that you can use to save and backup your password are not too much.


  • Important! Review the Quick Start Guide. In this guide you will find everything you need to know about steemit, they inform you everything you can do, if you generate money income or if it generates any cost, it will tell you what is the meaning of the up vote, benefits of commenting on the publications of other users and how to comment, everything specifically explained, how to create a publication and the format to make the publications, know, how to follow and see who follows you, will show you how to subtract a publication from another author, digital currencies, healing, one of the most important things the payments, another not less important your reputation, you will learn to exchange SBD by STEEM in the forex market, read carefully what plagiarism is, since this is very bad seen by this great community, important information regarding password security.

  • Read the useful publications of Steemit users.

  • Set up your profile, your avatar and the cover image.

  • Choose your display preference "NSFW" (It is not safe for work), this is important since every publication labeled with nsfw will be hidden. You can access it with a link that will be provided in the publication, mostly the content with this label can be obscene or with pornographic images, not suitable for minors, or content with extreme violence.

  • Register for Steem Chat and establish friendly relationships with other users, totally optional, if you are not commenting or publishing you can chat here and make yourself known in this community.

  • Now that you have studied all these points, you can make your first publication using the label "introduceyourself", with this publication you will be introduced to the steemit community.

  • And finally you will find an option that says Learn More, where you will find other topics related to the platform that will be useful if you want to stand out a bit beyond the normal.

Everything you need to know about this prestigious community is at your fingertips, you own the success of your life, it's just up to you.

And I will finalize this publication with this sentence written by the creators of steemit.

It is possible to earn thousands of dollars, but most authors who do have invested a lot of time and work to contribute to the community and create followers.


  • In the Frequently Asked Questions option, you will find the most frequent questions from steemit users that can help you answer any questions you may have.

  • In the currency market you will see graphs and information regarding the fluctuation of STEEM and the SBD.

  • If your account has been stolen here you will find what is necessary to recover it.

  • You can change your password, but you should know that the password will always be provided by steemit, it can not be changed by a password of its own.

You can also be a great whale, it only depends on the time and dedication you employ.

Steemit, I change my life and it gave me a great opportunity and position in my life and that of my family, you can also achieve it. Success for all.

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