Learning English as a Language

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The initiative is supported by @steemitbd .

Objective : Allow participants improve their English operational command.

Channels : Dlive, Dtube , Facebook group and Discord hangouts.

Hangouts are done every Tuesday, right after the steemitbd curation competition. Participants get a chance to talk on a real life topic for about 2 minutes each that is usually disclosed prior to the hangout. It is a great way to get rid of the inertia that most of the people have in speaking English. Moreover, volunteers encourage members to feel relaxed and learn more . This live interaction is a must if you are willing to take your English to the next level.

Steemit is all about community and being able to pull out value from participants. We surely can come forward and solve our real life challenges by connecting right resources through steemit. Whats more interesting is that, we get to build even bigger community in the process.

Please follow @steemitbd and its posts about such English learning sessions. Alternatively, you can follow my articles too as I will be posting regular updates on the happenings.

Thanks for all out support so far.


i will support and will help you as much as i can.........really great step for English learner and beginner..........

thank you for your spirit in supporting the initiative.

I will their brother, and try to provide support as much as possible @doctalk

Thanks for stepping up and showing your interest.

I hope we learn a lot of new easy technique from you brother. Its also helps us our community member to build up their writting capacity whose are now write teir article in Bengali


Very nice post sir, thanks for sharing.

Thank you for your contribution and supporting youths in Bangladesh. We hope the initiative will help our youths largely.

Great aritcle frnd i am quite impressed by your post, vry gud post..

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