MacroPhotography - Entering us a little

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A bit of the world that I see through the lens of my camera and my eyes, I lost myself looking straight ahead, but one day I decided to investigate further, and began to look for things that I could not see before, in an ephemeral way. They usually happen in front of us and we do not usually appreciate them.

"Beyond sight there is a look and beyond the gaze there is a reflection, the one that represents us as people and at the same time the world that surrounds us"

The MacroPhotography is one of my favorite facets as a photographer, the power to share a bit of that world that sometimes is often removed from our sight.

-A beautiful flower to start the morning-

"More than a flower, it is a moment of my life that I always want to remember, between its petals I would like to sleep."

-The contrast of a flower and the plebeian butterfly-

"The passive nature, of its landscapes little appreciated and little seen, that although they are there, we sometimes ignore the fact of their existence."

-A flower in black and white-

"The emotional weight that floods the mind as it relaxes in its visual notes"

-Le bataille des éveques-

"The battle of the bishops in honor of my youth and my love for chess, all its glory, my goal is not to win but to enjoy the moment of thinking doped with joy"

"The most beautiful image is the one that goes beyond a goal"

Photographs taken with a Nikon L810 Compact, I hope you liked the content of this post, photographs of my author with a lot of effort and heart @davidsuarezms, a hug and greetings to all!

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Amo tu trabajo, David. Sigue así :D :D


Gracias hermosa <3