The beautiful story of a woman who survived a devastating fire that left her unrecognizable.

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Turia pitt is a beautiful former model, lover of sports. His story has inspired millions of people to move forward for any obstacle that may arise.


Turia Pitt participated in a marathon in 2011 to raise awareness about the care of the environment, a competition that almost claimed her life because while walking through the forest in said marathon there was a terrible fire, this brave woman kept running despite the fire, until he could get out of the flames but realized a terrible pain and burning throughout his body, the fire burned 65% of his body. Turia survived the 200 surgeries to rebuild her skin, the doctors who attended Turia commented that they had to grab the skin of 35% of the living skin that she had left since 65% of her skin was burned and she had a few centimeters of this Burned skin that could be recovered.


Turia was involved in modeling and especially has a relationship with the police. Michael Hoskin, a man who loves her even after the devastating fire, was present every day while he was recuperating, sleeping with her without her knowing when she was wrapped in bandages. Turia recovered thanks to God and the motivation of her now husband, saw the result of his surgeries and still loves her, brought a big engagement ring to the hospital where he was.


Currently he continues with her after 7 years of that horrible event that changed their lives forever, he says that Turia is the love of his life and that he would not change her for any.


Today they are very happy with the arrival of their son and they are living their lives to the fullest.

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