Institutional investors have fueled the recent bloodbath at Bitcoin

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A new report shows why the Bitcoin price has fallen so sharply. Lately a huge influx of BTC has been registered on crypto exchanges.

The Bitcoin price experienced a epic sell-off last week that sent shock waves to investors and traders. There are a number of theories that explain why the mother of all crypto currencies crashed to unexpected depths. One of them is the coordinated sellout of whales.

Many experts claim that the sharp drop in global stocks amidst coronavirus fears led to the fall of Bitcoin. Others claim that the PlusToken scammers liquidated the stolen Bitcoins on the stock exchanges, increasing the pressure to sell.

While all these hypotheses are understandable, new data suggests that institutional investors may have been the main cause of the recent crash of the Bitcoin market. Ironically, these institutional investors have long been seen as the key to opening the floodgates to the meteoric rise in the price of Bitcoin. However, the institutional investors triggered exactly the opposite.

Bitcoin price collapse came from institutional investors

The research company Chainalysis recently published a report on the catastrophic crash in the Bitcoin market. In its report, the company found that institutional investors were responsible for much of the selling pressure in the BTC market, which resulted in a huge drop in prices.

According to Chainalysis data, in the days prior to the historic drop, small traders sent twice as many Bitcoins to the exchanges as usual. These were transactions between 0.1 and 10 BTC.

However, professional traders and institutional investors were responsible for most of the activity. They sent between 10 and 1000 BTC to exchanges, accounting for 70% of the total BTC movements on exchanges.

The exchanges received a total of 1.1 million Bitcoins in eight days since 9 March, with a peak of 319,000 BTC on 13 March. On that day, Bitcoin lost over 30%. By comparison, an average of 52,000 BTC per day was sent to crypto exchanges from the beginning of the year until March 9. On 12 and 13 March, however, 475,000 BTC were sent to the exchanges, a 9-fold increase. This subsequently led to a massive drop in the price of Bitcoin.

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