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Good new dear friend of steemit, I hope and have a good time, on this day I would like to share with you what is a very important issue that we put into practice but we do not take the importance it should as this depends on the change in each where you are as is communication.

The communication

It is simply a message that you want to convey to a person or a group of people where they can interact, exchange ideas, anecdotes, feelings, among other factors. These can be verbally and non-verbally with a common goal that is to convey the desired information. On the other hand, the communication presents certain factors so that they can be represented with a diagram and see more clearly how:

comunicacion (1).jpg


  • Issuer: Mainly responsible for transmitting information to a person or a group of people.
  • Message: Represented as the vocabulary or words that you wish to emit.
  • Channel: Understanding by the medium of communication where the conversation or the message is established, whether digitally, written or verbally.
  • Code: Represented as the feeling or effectiveness that the message has to see through gestures, a good vocabulary, good writing, although it is also represented by the type of language and the dialect that the issuer has.
  • The receiver: As a last step, this series of processes passes through which the receiver understands the message and gives a coherent response where they can continue to do it regularly.

  • Context: It depends on the conversation or the specific place where the activity is being done, creating a distinguished atmosphere in each area.

His story.

This is due to the first years where the human tries to communicate by signs, signs, expressions to satisfy and express their needs as it was to survive, then they evolved and obtained a primitive language where it was easier to communicate by the dialect that they would have. people of being inexperienced in many things and being enterprising of ideas. His first event was the discovery of fire and clothing for what they were getting a use of reason and were having information leaving to the next generations. Then it takes years until the communication has a series of changes where the people of each site had their way of transmitting the messages in different languages ​​until the Egyptians implement the scriptures as hieroglyphs to leave their tasks framed regularly, until the Romans, Hebrews, Asians perfect these writings creating a way to speak and communicate through writing but in places that were not feasible because they are not mobile or easy to carry, while Asians will create the paper and ink as we know it in the currently to frame more easily the information reported in them. As time passes, the use of mathematics is implemented through the use of analytical reason, the discovery of new planets, constellations, new signs through information acquired by communication, clocando a generalization and a more pleasant system to communicate, following with a better communication they implement the old cell phone that was mainly to communicate the military until they proposed to market it until they reached a large sum of money and they were developing the use of computers in a wider way of communicating, taking into account the use of the internet being of material factor more used at present to communicate.



In addition there are communications that are verbal and non-verbal as already named, here are the following concepts:

  • In the verbal and non-verbal is characterized by writing through books, sheets, something where the use of communication is left in physical form to be reflected in some real place. On the other hand, there is the language for deaf mutes where they communicate through signs such as the use of hands and expressions on their faces that make them know what they are talking about. Technological is also based on the use of writing as the tone of voice through electronic devices coded with the function of implementing communication and to last the prolonged time of the person who uses it.
  • In government they are found through the morse key where they are a series of points, which are linked for a long time to know a message in a coded way where the receiver understands and exercises something to execute.

Keys to be successful in good communication

*Implement the standards of the good speaker in using an appropriate tone of voice where the receiver has the most accurate information and respond in the same way with the standards of the good listener where the issuer is looking to respect the correct use of communicative properties.

  • Do not be imprudent as it would encourage bad times, be charismatic and emotional when communicating.

In addition many people do not take into account that the use of good communication will be better received to be in a bad way by shouting, obscene words, nicknames and generating bulling through communication, so it is better to become aware and thus generate better people where they have a better use of words through the practice that is exercised, improving the dialect of each person.

Finally there are many ways to communicate and it is necessary to know how we can represent them in daily life because if we are better communicative people we will have a good use of the correct words, better interpretation and better perspective with other people and information that we could leave for this medium.


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