💙 Euphoria 💙 / Fanart BTS + Step by step

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💙 Euphoria 💙

🌻 Step by step 🌻


Steemit's friends, how are you? Here I bring you another fanart of BTS but from the video of Euphoria a song that only Jungkook sings, with this you will have already realized that I will draw a picture of the solos of the era of Love Yourself.



This is the video from which I take inspiration to make the drawing.


Step by step


Whenever I start a drawing I make the sketch by hand in my sketchbook.


Then the picture was taken and passed to the computer and then digitized.


To color the hair I put a base color and then I add lights and shadows with the modified marker tool to my liking. I paint the skin in the same way as the hair, but only after adding shadows and I blur it with the modified water brush tool to my preference.


I paint the clothes the same as the skin. In the end I paint the lineart, putting a layer on top of the lineart with the option to trim group.



🌹 Well, I really don't have much to tell you, only that I am gross of stressed hahaha but well, adult life is hardcore and a lot of ZZzzzz and that I am working on my thesis and nothing more ... Ah! Well, if one more thing you get upvote, comment and share this post haha Greetings and I love you. 🌹


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Another beautiful portrait, @anira.art. Excellent job on this one.

Thank you so much!!!