The Simpsons toad

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Hello friends, today I want to show a very unusual animal whose name called me a little bit of attention, I even laughed at its name or rather the name given by the scientists who came across this species the Simpsons toad, according to He was baptized in this way because his long pointed nose reminded them of Mr. Burns who owns the factory where Homer Simpsons works in the Simpsons series, especially those scientists George Meyers was in Colombia, where they came across this rare species for the first time.

According to the reports of those scientists, only two amphibians of this species were found, each of 2 cm. It can also be read in these reports that these toads skip the tadpole stage and are born as frogs that lay their eggs, from which they are born directly.


With this information and this resemblance of this toad to Mr. Burns, we can say with some humor that the Simpsons have not only had many predictions, but also that their characters are inspirations of strange animals rare and little known by the world, we will see what animal could discover tomorrow or what other predictions may have..


Definitely the creator of the simpsons was a genius, directly indirectly there are many things in everyday life that has been similar to this series.

separador a1.jpg

As they say over there that they fly, they fly.

separador a1.jpg


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