The Guaro Parrot

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Hello steemit people, today I want to talk a little about the Guaro, in Venezuela when we say guaro the first thing that comes to mind is the inhabitants of Lara state who by tradition is called Guaro "there comes the Guaro that" but it Have you asked what is really a Guaro?


The Guaro is a bird specifically a parrot very common in all Venezuela with greater strength in the Amazon and previously in the Lara state, this Parrot is almost green in its entirety the head is large with the crown and yellow cheeks and blue forehead. You see a rim of the wing orange-reddish.


Like many species in Venezuela this bird is in danger of extinction mainly due to the destruction of its habitat and although some have managed to survive urbanism, its population has disappeared enormously in recent years compared to previous years is really a very worrying issue as I have said in many previous publications, for those of us who love nature.


A very beautiful bird, one more that is in danger of extinction unfortunately, hopefully never disappear.

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