Hitler wanted to destroy Germany

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Hello friends, I want to tell you something I could see in a documentary yesterday about the Second World War, although I love watching documentaries about nature, animals and also about history until yesterday I learned that during the war the year 1945 when Hittler saw how little by little his empire was being destroyed as the Russians and allied forces every day took and gained more ground in Europe approaching Berlin where the cruel dictator was, although many of his close generals recommended him to Hitler to end the war peacefully, in the plans of the dictator was never that thought preferred to die or commit suicide as in the end it happened.


But days or months before Hitler committed suicide he ordered the destruction of all power plants, all buildings, churches and many other things in Berlin and all Germany, because this dictator always had in his mind and his speech that for Germany was everything or nothing and then to be defeated wanted to return to Germany nothing, but was disobeyed by his generals who already perceive in Hitler agony and lack of ideas.

My point is how people can be so deranged that just by not having done things as they want they do not mind destroying their own population, even if they always do things in the name of their people.

Although Hitler is the most diabolical and deranged thing that has happened to humanity, I see that there are many things that resemble today what was like crazy, but I do not know anything about politics that all these leaders are crazy, much Asia, North America, South America, Europe and Africans is to say almost all God does not save all those crazy.

As my father says we must trust God above anything.

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We have to see the historical context of the wars. In this case Germany was defeated in the First World War and the winning powers had put conditions of misery on the German people. This is why the Nazi party and the figure of Hitler emerged. So it is not only this figure of Hitler who is evil but also the winning powers of the First World War that cruelly imposed these conditions of misery and forced, so to speak, the German people to rise up against them.

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