A Delight: Pasticho home made*

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Hi Hi! Dear Steemianos friends, Today I would like to share with you a variant of pastiche (in our house we love it), since every weekend we invent something to eat with family and this time I will show you how I did it (mostly I cook so that others rest this or these days):

To begin I will tell you what we need, the quantities vary clearly to taste and the number of people (in my case we are 6 today and it yielded for 10 large portions):

For the Bechamel Sauce:
• Butter 1 Tablespoon.
• Liquid milk 1 ½ liters.
• Wheat flour (or cornstarch) 8 tablespoons.
•Salt and pepper to taste).

For the filling:
• Ground beef 1 kg.
• Paprika 1 Large.
• Onion and Onion 1 Complete Branch.
• Garlic porro 1 Complete Branch.
• Oil (to taste).
• Ham (this day use Uruguayan smoked bacon) 1 kg.
• Mozarella cheese 1 kg .
• Sheets of Pasta for Pasticho 11 Units.
• Salt Pepper and Paprika (to taste).

I'll start with the bechamel sauce and then store it and have it ready. Put about half of the milk in a pot to heat over medium heat and add the butter spoonful. Then part in the blender bat the other ingredients (for the sauce) and add to the milk warming, and stirring all the time so that it does not stick. It is allowed to thicken to taste and then it is removed from the fire to cool down a bit.

On the other hand, we wash the vegetables well and cut them into pieces (at each person's preference some people do not like to get the vegetables and others do), in my case I let them know because I love them.

Now we put them in a pan together with the oil (trickle to taste) along with the salt, pepper, paprika and let them sauté ...

At the same time we leave the meat boiling in water (it is not always necessary to boil it, you can cook directly with the vegetables but this time as it was frozen it was boiled aside first). Once ready, the meat and the fried stew come together and let them cook a little together.

Now we look for the cheese, the bacon (in my case), the sheets of pasta, the sauce and the ready meat, We put a layer of oil to the mold in which we will assemble the pastiche and begin by placing a layer of sauce and on top of a paste , until completely completing the bottom of the mold. From there we take this layer as a reference and put a layer of cheese, then a layer of bacon and add all the meat that we prepare evenly in the mold.

TARANNNN ready the pastiche:

It was very delicious, I hope you like it! Saluditos *


The food looks delicious.